Meeting target of N1.5bn for completion of our mosque’ll herald new NASFAT -President

The National President Nasrul-Lahi-l-Fath Society (NASFAT), Alhaji Ayodeji AbdulRauf, said the organization currently required the sum of N1.5billion for completion of its mosque at the headquarters.

Alhaji AbdulRauf noted that once the money is gotten, it would herald a new and more vibrant Society because several projects had been lined up to position the organization on a higher pedestal.

He stated this in his keynote address at the Society’s Lailatul Qadri (Night of Majesty) which took place on Friday night till dawn at NASFAT Islamic Centre, Aseese, Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State.

NASFAT’s Night of Majesty which was with the theme, “Despair not the Mercy of Allah,” was attended with hundreds of Muslim faithful who converged for special prayers for its members and the country at large.

The President said, “We require N1.5bn to complete our mosque. If we can get this support, we will get it completed in due course so that we can go for other projects.”

He added NASFAT is at the forefront of championing hope, saying despite the challenges in the country Muslims should have hope for good fortunes.

“We thank Allah for giving us the opportunity to witness the year 2024 Ramadan.”

While congratulating the members for the opportunity of the night, the President stressed that with the Q97:3, “It was expected that our people would make use of the worshipping period to excel.

“Let us worship, supplicate, give charity and be grateful. We are already counting down this year’s Ramadan, may Allah grant the privilege to witness many more.

“All of us must imbibe the spirit of giving, give what you have to Allah, we have people that are accountable.

“We know we are in challenging times. We have leadership challenges in the country but we now have leaders that are ready to turn things around. We must be patient, we must be hopeful, we must not despair as the theme of the night suggests.

“Over the last 29 years, we have provided to the world what we can be proud of. Our pedestal is on accountability and piety. NASFAT is changing the world of Islam.

“We are not fearful, we say things the way they are. We have stood up to be counted,” Alhaji AbdulRauf added.

He noted the Society’s new exco members were inaugurated in February, 2024 under the slogan of LEAD to pilot its affairs to more glorious heights.

According to him, the organization under him would be steadfast in a leadership posture to fill the gap in the global challenges, adding “We must go all out to provide adequate leadership.”

On Empowerment, the President disclosed millions members have been empowered since the beginning of Ramadan. He therefore called for more support so that other members would benefit.

He also noted that the Society would serve as Agent of Change. “We want to ensure that even after Ramadan we will feed more Nigerians and also empower our women.

“Our women will be taken care of and also not only take care of the girl-child education but also the boy-child.

“And lastly on Dawah, we have developed a robust programmes. We have trained people across Nigeria for people to know what Islam stands for. Aside the physical teaching, we also have online training for the people.”

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