Police Nabs Over 35 Miscreants Formenting Trouble At NASFAT Tahjud Prayer On Island

By Raheem Ibrahim

No fewer than 35 miscreants were apprehended by Police operatives from Area’A’ Command at the Marina car park where NASFAT organized last 10-day Ramadan night prayer.

Authoritative source revealed that the police in Area A received distress calls from different people that some notorious youths, dressed in white Jalamier, pretended to be worshippers were attacking Muslim faithfuls who came for the prayer.

According to source, “Calls are made to all the divisional police stations on the Island and the area Command. These prompted the Area Commander to send different teams from stations to provide security for the true believers and arrest the miscreants”.

“When we got there, we met two different miscreants group shelling themselves with bottles, broken ties and other dangerous weapons.

“Unfortunately for them, some plain cloth policemen have demacated a boundary between the real people and the miscreants. When we arrived on the main road, they quickly pull down their long prayer dress to deceive us and tried to run inside but were blocked by plain cloth officers. That was how we nabbed them”, source revealed.

He said that some of them found wanton have been take to court for prosecution, while those who are innocence but caught among them were released on bail with undertaking signed by their respective parents.

Some youths who spoke with our correspondent under anonymity revealed that majority of the arrested youths are former rivals from different areas on the Island but use the Tahjud prayer ground as battle field.

“Some of them are from Isale Eko, Apongbon, Offin, Agarawu, Obadina, Oshodi, Freeman areas to mention few”, he revealed.

Source said, “Infact, we appreciate the prompt response of the Police who came in time to curb their terrorism acts”, alleging that the miscreants used the opportunity to rob and women were raped.

Since the Police intervention on Thursday night, peace has been restored as the presence of policemen are felt in the area from night till the early morning.

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