First Lady Senator Oluremi Tinubu Urges Action on World Health Day

In commemoration of World Health Day, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, has emphasized the theme “Health for All: Health Equity,” stressing the importance of healthcare as a fundamental human right rather than a privilege.

Acknowledging the progress made in Nigeria’s healthcare sector, Senator Tinubu highlighted the persistent challenge of health equity, calling for collective efforts to address the existing disparities.

In her statement, Senator Tinubu pointed out the disparities in healthcare access due to socio-economic factors, emphasizing the need to bridge the gap to ensure equitable health outcomes for all Nigerians.

Expressing gratitude to healthcare workers for their dedication and commitment, Senator Tinubu lauded their efforts in combating various health crises, including Ebola and Covid-19. She extended a heartfelt appreciation to all healthcare workers for their unwavering service to the nation.

Senator Tinubu seized the occasion to appeal to well-meaning Nigerians, organizations, and bodies to join hands in eliminating barriers to achieving universal health coverage in Nigeria.

In conclusion, she extended warm wishes on World Health Day and invoked blessings upon the Federal Republic of Nigeria, reaffirming her commitment to advancing healthcare accessibility and equity in the nation.

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