Monday 25th December, 2023.

Dear Resilient Residents of Apapa Local Government and Fellow Lagosians,

As the joyous season of Christmas envelops us in its warmth, I find great pleasure in extending my heartfelt goodwill to each and every one of you. It is with a sense of gratitude and optimism that I reflect upon the journey we have collectively undertaken in the past year.

In the spirit of unity and community, let us take a moment to appreciate the strength and resilience that binds us together as Apapa Local Government people. Our shared experiences, challenges, and triumphs have woven a tapestry that reflects the indomitable spirit of our community.

Today, clean pipe-borne water is finally flowing from our taps after nearly 20 years without it. We express gratitude to the dedicated residents who tirelessly fought to make this happen. As another group focuses on enhancing our security, we anticipate a future with no okadas, creating a safer Apapa Local Government in the coming year. Various individuals are quietly battling for the welfare and development of our community, working towards a better Apapa Local Government. Let’s all contribute positively in our own small ways to the development of our community. Though we may be small, our impact is mighty.

Christmas is a time for reflection, a time to appreciate the blessings we have received, and a time to look forward with hope to the possibilities that the future holds. Despite the challenges we may have faced, the unwavering spirit of the Apapa Local Government community has been a source of inspiration and motivation for progress.

As we gather with family, friends, and loved ones during this festive season, let us celebrate the bonds that connect us and the diversity that enriches our community. May the joy of Christmas bring warmth to our hearts and foster a sense of togetherness that transcends any differences.

In the coming year, let us renew our commitment to building a better Apapa Local Government, a place where every resident can thrive and contribute to the collective prosperity. Together, we can overcome challenges, embrace opportunities, and create a future that reflects the aspirations of each and every member of our community.

I express my sincere appreciation for your continued support, cooperation, and dedication to the betterment of Apapa Local Government. Your resilience is the foundation upon which we build a brighter tomorrow.

May this Christmas be a time of joy, peace, and love for you and your families. May the New Year usher in prosperity, good health, and countless opportunities for growth and success.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the wonderful people of Apapa Local Government and Lagos State!

With warm regards,

Hon. Idowu Senbanjo
Executive Chairman,
Apapa Local Government

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