In Somolu, a notable community update revolves around the commendable efforts of Executive Chairman Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu, fondly referred to as ‘Dullar,’ in initiating the rehabilitation of the heavily traversed Durosimi Street in Ward A (Onipanu). The ambitious project commenced early on a Saturday, reflecting a robust commitment to addressing the longstanding dilapidation of this vital thoroughfare.

Hon. Yomi Osunkoya, Councilor of Ward A (Onipanu) and Council Leader of Somolu Legislative Council, shared insights from the road rehabilitation site. He emphasized the acute awareness of the Hon. Abdul Hamed Salawu-led administration, recognizing Somolu’s dynamic transformation into a thriving business hub. This recognition prompted Chairman Salawu’s swift responsiveness to the community’s evolving needs through critical infrastructure development.

Meanwhile, Alhaji Kabir Raji, Somolu Local Government Supervisor for Works & Infrastructure, provided reassurance to residents regarding the ongoing maintenance commitment for roads and essential infrastructures within the Somolu Local Government Area. This commitment aims to instill confidence in the sustained improvement of Upper Durosimi Street and other crucial areas.

Chairman Salawu offered a glimpse into the broader vision, revealing that the rehabilitation of Upper Durosimi Street is part of a more extensive plan. He announced the initiation of additional projects, including the ongoing construction of the New Somolu Local Government Administrative Complex. In stressing the importance of increased cooperation from residents, he underlined that public infrastructures genuinely belong to the people.

The call for cooperation underscores the vital role community involvement plays in maintaining and preserving public amenities. As the rehabilitation progresses, residents are optimistic about the positive impact it will have on Somolu’s overall infrastructure and the elevated quality of life in the area.

Owolabi ‘Ajimomuya’ Oseni
Chief Press Secretary,
Somolu Local Government.

December 9, 2023.

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