Supplementary Elections: Tinubu Congratulate Winners, Demands Full Investigation Of Adamawa Poll Scandal

The President-elect, Bola Tinubu, has urged the Nigeria Police Force to fully investigate what transpired during the Adamawa State supplementary governorship election.

This is as he also called on all elected officials during the 2023 elections to brace themselves for the task ahead and prepare to serve the Nigerian people.

In a statement he personally signed on Wednesday, the President-elect urged the elected officials to rededicate themselves to selfless service.

He said, “With the conclusion of the 2023 elections, I now welcome all of us who have been elected to brace up to serve our people with diligence and dedication and to join hands with me as your President-elect in the pursuit of our agenda to renew the hopes of our people in a better, stronger, more secure, economically vibrant and prosperous Nigeria.

“I congratulate the winners of the Supplementary Governorship elections held in Kebbi and Adamawa States on Saturday, April 15, 2023. I also rejoice with those elected into the Senate, House of Representatives and State Houses of Assembly during the last round of elections in states where such took place. These victorious men and women have earned the trust of their people and I call on them to rededicate themselves to the service of their respective constituents.

“The supplementary polls have now brought the 2023 elections to a final, fitting conclusion. I observed, with satisfaction, the largely peaceful atmosphere that pervaded the supplementary election on Saturday. It was a further testimony that our citizens have accepted democratic norms and have unalloyed faith in the electoral process.”

On Adamawa supplementary poll, Tinubu said, “I note the matter of Adamawa Supplementary Governorship Election and I urge police authorities to fully investigate all that transpired in the election given the attendant controversy.

“In every democratic contest there has to be one winner. I call on those aggrieved to pursue legitimate means of addressing their grievances.”

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