Conference of Islamic Organisations calls for immediate ceasefire in Israeli-Hamas conflict, demands lifting of blockade to allow aids to Gaza

The Conference of Islamic Organisations has demanded for immediate ceasefire in the ongoing Israeli-Hamas war just as it described the offensive by the Israeli forces as an act of genocide.

It also demands that the International community led by the UN should retrieve the peace process from the monopoly of the United States which has become part of the Israeli occupation machinery.

The Secretary General of the group, Luqman Balogun who disclosed this at a Media briefing at the Beleke Mosque in Surulere urged the United Nations to ensure the lifting of Israeli blockade to allow humanitarian aids gets to those urgently in need in Gaza city.

He therefore condemned what it called the deep seated injustice and oppression by the Israelis while expressing sympathy for families of the bereaved on both sides.

According to him the forrceful ejection of the Palestines for over 75 years with international community looking the other way instead of implementing the resolution of 1967 that called for withdrawal of Israel in the occupied territory belonging to the Palestinians leaves many to worry.

On his part, Sheikh Abdulrahman Adamgba called for a just arbitration for both sides to co-exist in peace.

He also solicited for cessation of war and demanded for justice where necessary for enduring peace in the Middle East.

According to him, the two-state solution remains the only panacea to the crisis adding that continued war or onslaught in the Middle East is far from the solution.

Also adding his voice, the Mufti of the Muslim Congress, Imam Zhikirulahi Shaffi said it was unfortunate that the Israelis made attempts to demolish the Mosjid Aksah currently protected by the Palestine.

He want the federal government to have a just and sincere position on the matter.

He also accused America of playing double standard in the matter while calling on the Arab leaders to join forces in protecting the Palestinians.

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