UMA expresses readiness to take up remodeling project of Madam Tinubu Hall in UNILAG

The University of Lagos Muslim Alumni, UMA has expressed its readiness to take up the remodeling project of Madam Tinubu Hall following the approval of her proposal by the management of the University.

The 644 bed-space Madam Tinubu Hall is one of the numerous female Hostels located in area used to be called the New Hall within the campus.

The project is on renovate, operate and manage under the adopt-a-hostel model by Stakeholders of the University management.

The President of the University of Lagos Muslim Alumni, Prof Khaleed Adekoya disclosed this at the 34th Annual General Congress of the body at the University of Lagos Mosque, Akoka.

He said that it was gratifying that the University management had also accepted the drawings and the use of UMA wholly owned Special Purrpose Vehicle, a limited liability company for the purpose of financing the project.

The Guest Speaker at the Congress, Dr Ayodele Ibrahim Shittu of the Department of Economic
said funding is not the only barrier to setting up a business but sometimes lack of good ideas.

While speaking on Re-Thinking Enterpreneurship in a Changing Economic Landscape, Dr Shittu said cooperative society that is founded on the principles of Islam can assist in this regards.

He noted that positive innovations will help a business enterprise to have an edge over others in the industry.

According to him and i quote “People only survive in unstable business environment when they are prepared for the unknown.

Entrepreneurship is not necessarily setting up a business but could be in the long run”. End of quote.

While given health talk, Dr Mardheeyyah Olokodana-Adesalu advised the attendees to visit hospital regularly for various screening and check up.

She said that such screening will expose any health issues that could be treated early before it escalates.

Dr Olokodana-Adesalu also advised that people should sleep up to 8 hours daily and consume minimum of 3 litres of water daily in order to live a healthy life.

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