The attention of the United Action for Change (UAC) has been drawn to an online publication by an online entity named Foundation for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) titled: CONFIRMED: Muiz Banire Wrote the Petition That Triggered FIJ Reporter’s Abduction, which publication was published via FIJ’s website ( reporters-abduction/) on 6th May 2024 and same was widely circulated on several social media platforms.

In the aforesaid publication, FIJ needlessly mentioned UAC within the context of its convener, Dr Muiz A. Banire, OON, SAN and proceeded to make UAC the initial object of its publication wherein FIJ deridingly quoted extracts from our website on our objectives and core activities.

We must immediately note that UAC is a social re-engineering group of like minds with a broad membership range and operates as a separate and distinct entity from its convener, Dr Muiz A. Banire, OON, SAN. Therefore, the reference to UAC in the said publication is ill-intended and obnoxious.

UAC stands for justice in its truest and most encompassing form by setting the nation on the path to a just society that always ensures the rule of law. The core objective of UAC is a Nigeria where people are valued and treated equally, enjoy their rights as full citizens, and can influence decisions affecting their lives.

That said, UAC notes that its convener is a seasoned legal practitioner in active legal practice. Therefore, by the nature and ethos of legal practice, he has the bounden duty to represent his client and present his client’s case accordingly.

In this context, UAC United Action for Change believes that making a representation to the appropriately regulatory body or security agency on behalf of his client falls within the scope of a lawyer’s lawful practice as a legal practitioner and responsibility to the society.

UAC understands that the object of the petition in issue is cyber-bullying, a conduct outlawed by the Cybercrime Act, 2015. In recent times, cyberbullying has assumed a dangerous height in our society, and reporting suspicion of this social menace to the appropriate legal authority for investigation, particularly on behalf of a client, accords with the quest for social justice. Moreso, UAC is aware that its members, including its convener, have been victims of cyberbullying on several occasions. It is an anti-social behaviour that must not be condoned or normalised in our society. The group remains in the forefront of the opposition to the strangulation of the social media space but not without its advocacy for responsible journalism.

UAC makes the instant publication because it deems FIJ’s publication of 6th May 2024, particularly the unwarranted mention of UAC therein, as another manifestation of cyberbullying and, therefore, advises FIJ to retrace its steps in this respect for the good of the society.

Finally, we also note the mischief of the organisation in not disclosing that the said Petition was written on behalf of a client, a further confirmation of the abuse of the social media by the organization. To a discerning mind, what offence has the said Mr Daniel Ojukwu committed against Dr Muiz Banire, SAN that would warrant him to personally write a petition against him. Another case of misrepresentation. Even at that, where allegations are made, it behooves of those concerned persons to defend and /or justify the allegations. Why the hullabaloo in defending the allegations? At least, the Police is not a court of law.

Thank you.


Comrade Michael Popoola Secretary
United Action for Change
5, Austin Agbolahor Close, Magodo Phase II G.R.A. Shangisa, Lagos
Tel: +234 1 2931860, 0802.312.1459

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