Lagos Island Youth Demands Government Intervention in Exorbitant House Rent Charges Across Lagos Island

Lagos Island Youth, a prominent advocate for the welfare and development of young people and elders, has expressed deep concern over the exorbitant house rent charges burdening residents across the community.

Mr. Lateef Ojulari, the convener of the group in a statement signed and made Ava to our correspondent, urged both Local and State Governments to take proactive measures to address this pressing issue.

According to him, “The skyrocketing house rent charges on Lagos Island are attributed to the rising demand for housing amid a vibrant economy and rapid urbanization, while the supply of affordable housing lags behind. This has created a landlord’s market, allowing property owners to impose exorbitant rents without proper regulation.

“Lagos Island Youth proposes a multi-faceted approach for the government to tackle the issue effectively as follows:

1. Increased Affordable Housing: The government should prioritize the development of affordable housing units through partnerships with private developers and land allocation for subsidized housing projects.

2. Rent Control and Regulation: Implementation of rent control measures and stricter regulations on rental prices to prevent exploitation by landlords. A proposed rent control board or agency would monitor and regulate rental rates, protecting tenants from unfair practices.

3. Incentives for Developers: To encourage investment in affordable housing projects, the government should provide tax incentives and financial benefits while reducing liabilities during and after construction. This aims to stimulate the creation of more affordable housing options and increase market competition.

4. Public-Private Partnerships: Collaboration between the government and private sector entities can address the housing crisis. Partnerships with developers and families willing to redevelop or renovate houses can leverage expertise and resources to create affordable housing solutions.

Lagos Island Youth expresses readiness to collaborate with the government in implementing these measures, emphasizing the need for swift action.

The exorbitant house rent charges not only pose a financial burden but also hinder community growth, pushing residents out of Lagos Island to the Mainland.

The youth organization urges the government to listen to the people’s concerns and work towards tangible solutions for a sustainable, accessible, and affordable housing market.

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