Chairman of Oriade LCDA, Ramatallahi Akinlola-Hassann, vows to complete all ongoing projects as she presents a N4.9 billion 2024 fiscal budget

Ramatallahi Akinlola-Hassann, Chairman of Oriade LCDA, has promised to finish all ongoing projects in the council before the end of her tenure. She also assured residents of improved welfare and infrastructure development in the 2024 fiscal year.

The council boss made this promise while presenting the 2024 budget, titled “Budget of Realisation and Empowerment,” to the Legislative Arm of the council.

The 2024 budget estimate is N4,900,475,864.46k. The recurrent expenditure is N3,135,736,163.17k, while the capital expenditure is N1,764,739,701.29k.

Speaking about the performance of the 2023 budget, Akinlola-Hassann noted that Health, Education, Empowerment, Infrastructure, and Environment had an average delivery rate of 85 to 90 percent.

The Chairman, Ramatallahi Akinlola-Hassan, expressed hope that the Legislative House would prioritize and expedite the passage of the budget. She stated, “I remain committed to improving the lives of the people and ensuring that the council moves forward. We will ensure adequate infrastructure and also provide for the needs of the people in the council during the coming year.”

Upon receiving the budget, the Leader of the Legislative House, Hon Jamiu Jimoh Shittu, promised swift consideration and passage of the budget proposal. He mentioned that the Legislative arm has been working as a team for the past two years to deliver the benefits of democracy to the people of Oriade LCDA and its surroundings.

Hon Jimoh Shittu emphasized the need for the executive to increase internally generated revenue by plugging leaks, despite the rise in federal allocation to the third tier of government. He also urged the executive to ensure transparent implementation of the budget without bias.

The Legislative leader concluded by stating that the distribution of palliatives alone cannot provide relief to the people, but proper implementation of the budget through the provision of social amenities.

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