Leader of rights group, Toyin Raheem laments recent armed robbery attack on Dr Otunba Winjobi

The National Co ordinator, Movement for Improved Welfare for Nigeria Police Force, Mr Toyin Raheem has expressed worry over the recent armed robbery attacks in the country including on one of the leaders of the civil society Groups, Dr Otunba Winjobi

He therefore implored the Police to do all they can to come to the aid of Otunba Winjobi.

Mr Toyin Raheem in a statement released in Lagos said that the pictures about how the armed robbers wounded members of his family and carted away valuable items including laptops, ATM cards and a Ford edge motor car leaves no one in doubt of the trauma the family went through.

He said the group have absolute trust in the ability and capability of the Nigeria Police Force to apprehend the armed robbers and recover all the stolen items including the car from them.

Raheem said the sad occurence has provided platform for the police to once again prove to Nigerians that criminals have no hidden place.

He said further and i quote “All the Police formations all over the country should be alerted as the car may have been driven out of Ibadan or Oyo State. We have trust with the senior police officers, gallant police men and police state PROs that sooner than later the robbers shall be apprehended, prosecuted and our Dr Winjobi shall have his car and all other stolen items back”. End of quote.

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