Eng. Emmanuel and wife, Dr. (Mrs) Titilope Ejimagwa celebrates 24th wedding anniversary in grand style at prestigious Kaly Restaurant says it all began like yesterday…

It was a day to remember when families, friends and business associates of Eng. Emmanuel and Dr. (Mrs) Titilope Ejimagwa converged at the prestigious Kaly Restaurant Bar and Lounge on Akin Adeshola Street in Victorial Island, Lagos to celebrate the occasion of their 24th wedding anniversary.

The union is a reflection of hands of fellowship across the Niger, with the widely travelled Engineer Ejimagwa from Abia State while the wife, the epitome of beauty hails from Epe area of Lagos State.

The union began like a joke in 1996 when they first met at the office of a family friend to Mr Ejimagwa when his eagle eye spotted Titilope he described as a Damsel and was quick to declare his intention to seek her consent in marriage.

The last twenty four years according to the couple has been very historic, dramatic and challenging with both the good and the ugly but keeping faith in God has kept them stronger to jointly weather the storm.

For Dr. (Mrs) Titilope, the over two decades of living with Eng Ejimagwa under one roof has been very interesting saying what however makes marriage to last forever is not love.

Tolerance, forgiveness and overlooking the mistakes from both end she believes are more valuable in enriching and sustaining every home more than love.

Interjjecting the wife at this point, Engineer Ejimagwa insists that love is the most important forcing everyone around which includes the Media personality to smile.

Narrating their first meeting, Engineer Ejimagwa said the declaration of his intention was received with a little challenge when the family friend said she does not think that he can withstand the trouble of the damsel.

However, after they both had mutual understanding to be friends, Titilope closed the channels of communication with the handsome Engineer until a year later, precisely 1997.

By his decision not give up, the youg brilliant Engineer got a yes answer to his request to have the nod of Titilope in marriage after the third consecutive attempts in 1998.

According to Titilope, lot of patience and endurance from the hubby was the secret behind her positive response to live the rest of her life with him.

The Chinese style of dressing of the customer care service providers at the Kaly Restaurant Bar and Lounge was numerous to ignore as it added glamour and colour to the endless funs at the event

The couple who were beaming with rare unique diamond smiles all through the night hinted that the Silver Jubilee in about 365 days will be a talk of the town.

Guests at the event had opportunity to an aerial view from the Pent House of the Restaurant of what use to be the popular Lagos Bar Beach now converted to the Eko Atlantic City referred to in some quarters as the new Lagos to behold.

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