Iyana-Ipaja Fracas: Unraveling the Culprits Behind Michael Ajayi’s Tragic Murder

By Alabi Ade

The tragic death of Michael Ajayi during the Tuesday market fracas demands a thorough examination of the facts, leading to the startling revelation that Chief Adedayo Oki allegedly played a pivotal role in the fatal altercation. Eyewitness accounts paint a damning picture of Oki’s alleged direct involvement, citing his alleged armed presence and erratic gunfire as contributing factors to Michael’s untimely demise.

Oki’s alleged brazen display of force, wielding a sophisticated firearm amidst the chaos, raises serious questions about his intentions and culpability in Michael’s death. By allegedly leading a group of armed thugs from Oki Village to the roundabout, Oki not only allegedly escalated tensions but also endangered the lives of innocent bystanders, including Michael.

Furthermore, Oki’s longstanding feud with Abiodun Ejigbadero over land ownership rights underscores a motive for his alleged involvement in the market fracas. The High Court’s ruling in favor of the Ejigbadero family dealt a significant blow to Oki’s aspirations, fueling his resentment and desire for retribution.

In light of these damning revelations, Oki emerges as a central figure in the tragic events that unfolded on Tuesday. His alleged reckless actions and apparent disregard for human life paint a chilling portrait of a man consumed by greed and vengeance.

As the community mourns the loss of Michael Ajayi, it is imperative that justice be served. Oki must be held accountable for his role in instigating the violence that led to Michael’s death, and appropriate measures must be taken to prevent such senseless tragedies from recurring.


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