Retired Nigerian Navy Admiral Wins The British Alexander Dalrymple 2023 Award

Raheem Ibrahim

Rear Admiral C.E Okafor (rtd) has been awarded the most prestigious Alexander Dalrymple award by the British government for examplary performance when in service.

The Alexander Dalrymple award was initiated by the UK Government in 2006 in honour of UK’s First Hydrographer, appointed by the Royal Navy in 1795.

Since then, the award is presented annually as part of UK Hydrographic Office’s (UKHO’s) World Hydrography Day celebration, by UK’s Ministry of Defence to recipients selected by a diligent Committee.

According to the NN authority, the UKHO Committee selected Rear Admiral CE Okafor (rtd) of the Nigerian Navy as the Recipient of the 2023 Alexander Dalrymple Award.

It was gathered that the senior officer was recognized for his outstanding contributions and tireless efforts in developing Nigeria’s national hydrographic capacity culminated in making Nigeria the first country in West Africa to produce an indigenous International navigational chart in both paper and electronic format, as well as the development of a national hydrographic survey fleet with full charting capability.

According to the source, “The recipient is usually selected from many nominees from different nations. These nominees must have contributed significantly to improving the standards of hydrography, cartography and navigational safety”.

Rear Admiral CE Okafor (rtd) was honoured on Tuesday 16 Apr 24, as he received the prestigious Alexander Dalrymple Award for 2023 in London, England.

Reacting to the news, the Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral EI Ogalla and all the Officers and men of the NN heartily congratulated Rear Admiral CE Okafor (rtd) for making Nigerian Navy and the entire nation proud.

The CNS remarked, “We appreciate you for making our country proud. Thank you for your great contribution to building hydrography capacity both locally and globally and your robust service to the Nigerian Navy”.

Sea Smuggling: NCS Compt Declares Zero Tolerance, To Apprehends Suspects With Goods At Western Marine.

Raheem Ibrahim.

The newly deployed Customs Area Controller of Western Marine Command of Nigeria Customs Service, Comptroller Paul Bamisaiye has declared total war against smuggling along his domain.

While declaring zero tolerance at the command, Compt Bamisaiye pledged to match seizures made on western waterways with arrest of suspects.

Addressing the senior officers of the command in his maiden meeting, Lagos, Bamisaiye reiterated his commitment to eradicate smuggling along all the Western waterways by placing emphasis on seizures , arrests and prosecution.

Comptroller Bamisaiye who said the command is purely an enforcement outfit doing same function with Federal Operations Unit on the waters added that the boats and other operational platforms would be fitted with armaments to strengthen their anti smuggling capabilities.

He explained that barge operators will be advised to brand their barges as a way to identify them, ensure proper profiling and promote compliance along the waterways.

According to him, “I will soon embark on a tour of the outstations under my watch to familiarise myself with officers and men and re-emphasise the policy of the Comptroller General of Customs, Adewale Adeniyi”.

He declared that the Western Marine Command will constantly pursue Consolidation, Collaboration and Cooperation.

As a way of monitoring progress being made, Bamisaiye said the command will Institute a monthly performance review to encourage those who perform exceptionally.

He added that there will be zero tolerance for corruption and compromise under any guise as he will instill a working culture of leadership by example.

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