Abayomi Oluwasesan Denies Allegation Of $87 Million Theft By Afriq Arbitrage System

As allegations escalate, Abayomi Oluwasesan vigorously denies accusations of orchestrating an $87 million theft associated with Afriq Arbitrage System, sparking a legal dispute focused on financial integrity.

The controversy stems from an online publication by AAS’ legal representatives, Mssrs Obeten and Henry, alleging Oluwasesan’s involvement in the misappropriation of $87 million in investors’ funds.

However, legal representatives to Oluwasesan have vehemently refuted these claims, labeling them as “false, misleading, and calculated to misrepresent the facts.”

Despite the matter being sub judice, they argue that the need to correct the narrative and prevent further misrepresentation of the truth prompted this news release.

“It is not only unprofessional and callous of AAS’ lawyers to publicly make such unsubstantiated claims against our client, but it is also prejudicial and criminally inclined,” stated Oluwasesan’s legal team.

They further cautioned AAS’ CEO and lawyers to cease the “social media trial” of their client, warning of legal consequences if they fail to do so.

While the legal battle unfolds, members of the public are urged to disregard the allegations against Oluwasesan and await the due process of law.

The dispute underscores the complexities of financial litigation and the importance of upholding the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.

The full statement below:


The attention of legal representatives to Mr. Oluwasesan Abayomi has been drawn to an online publication credited to the lawyers of Afriq Arbitrage System (Messrs Obeten and Henry) claiming that our client, Mr. Oluwasesan Abayomi “admitted to stealing investors’ funds to the tune of $87m”.

We therefore state emphatically that there is no truth whatsoever in this claim, that it is false, misleading and calculated to misrepresent the fact and mislead members of the public, especially investors of Afriq Arbitrage System (AAS).

Though the matter is before the court thereby limiting the details of what can be publicly said on the subject, the need to set the records straight and prevent the misrepresentation of the truth therefore necessitated this news release.

It is not only unprofessional and callous of lawyers to AAS to publicly make such an unsubstantiated, criminally-inclined and heinous claim against our client, it is prejudicial of anyone (particularly legal practitioners) to publicly claim what is not only untrue but also unproven.

We therefore wish to sound a final note of warning to the CEO (Mr. Jesam Michael) and lawyers of AAS to immediately desist from the social media trial and  conviction of our client, failure of which will be met with stern legal consequences.

We urge members of the public to please disregard the false publication and narrative in its entirety.

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