Foodclique Support Initiative devise measures to empower Nigerians amidst rising cost of living

Amidst the relentless surge in the cost of living, A Non-governmental organisation Foodclique Support Initiative has proactively devised measures to empower Nigerians towards self-sufficiency by identifying sustainable farming as one of the solutions.

In it’s recent project titled “Growing Green,” Foodclique facilitated a comprehensive training sessions on sustainable farming practices in other to train low income and unemployed Nigerians to embrace sustainable farming practices.

During the training, Seasoned facilitators and Agriculturist Mr. Jerry Apeh, discussed the importance of subsistence agriculture and delved into topics such as Aeroponics, Hydroponics, and Greenhouse farming which resulted in engaging questions from the attendees. Beyond his teachings, a practical session demonstrating how to start small scale farming for the attendees where Mr Jerry showed the beneficial different seeds and how to indentify them and also pratical demonstration on how to plant these seeds and nuture them.

In similar, Mr. Opeyemi Adelesi an expert in Economics Agriculture and Risk management who joined virtually from his base Germany also shared invaluable insights on the econo mics of farming and strategies for maximizing profits.

In addition, Mr. Adetola Adeola, the Head of Programs and Media for Foodclique, offered reassurance to beneficiaries regarding our continuous support in their agricultural journey if beneficiaries and trainee showed interest in sustainable agriculture.

This project is part of Foodclique Support Initiative capitalising on the opportunity to consolidate on the Lagos State Agriculture Program (LAP) to interested beneficiaries, thanks to the partnership with the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture on forging pathways to sustainable livelihoods and empowered communities

The seminar concluded on a charitable note with the distribution of non-perishable food relief to all attendees, underscoring Foodclique’s commitment to support the low income earners

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