Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture begins two-day Management Retreat for first quarter of 2024 as expert speaks on financial literacy, hidden opportunities

The Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture has kicked off a two-day Management Retreat for the first quarter of 2024 in Lekki area of the state as members of staff were advised on the need to accord priority to healthy living.

The state Commissioner for Agriculture, Ms Abisola Olusanya who gave this charge while welcoming members of her team to the retreat said that it will be difficult for the Ministry to succeed in implementing her policy when staff are not healthy.

She believes that productivity of the Ministry will also be affected.

Abisola Olusanya was of the view that no one in the Ministry should be poor or retire with nothing to fall back on due to enormous opportunity abound

Speaking on financial literacy, the Chief Executive Officer of Smart Stewards, Mrs Sola Adesakin said truly the nation’s economy is tough but there are genuine way out for those who are prudent with their finances.

She described the issue with money making as a mindset saying where there is a will, there is a wealth.

Adesakin who qualified as a Chartere Account over two decades ago said she was struggling in early days of her life working without knowing where the earning was going.

She told the gathering that educational qualifications alone cannot guarantee one to be a good manger of wealth.

Adesakin said it is not how much you earn but how judiciously you deploy the money as many earn so much and still very poor.

According to her most of the billionaires today started with a very humble beginning.

Adesakin said that the economy is not looking good because of macro economy policy of government will take a while to yield positively.

She noted that the Federal Government is doing a lot to tackle the economic challenges inherited but it will take a while for people to feel the impact.

The Economic Expert advised that people should cultivate the habit of saving from what they earn no matter little.

According to her, famine and drought was predicted last year and it has come upon us.

She advised that people should develop their natural talents aside their regular work while also collaborate with those who have the resources or expertise.

She listed Treasury Bills, Monthly contributions, coming together to do Estate, Agriculture and investment in shares and stock as some of the areas that can fetch them money.

In his presentation, Dr. A. Busari who retired as a Director in the Fisheries Department in the Ministry of Agriculture said that he started working with lesser qualifications and left as a PhD holder.

According to him, what he lives on now including delivering of papers at Workshop and solving problems for his colleagues
was made possible by upgrading his academic pursuit.

Dr Busari who retired after thirty one years in service told the participants not to wait till the last minute before planning a better life when they are no longer employed.

In his comments, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Agriculture,  Dr Oluwarotimi Fashola enjoined staff members to see the Retreat as a wake up call to be up and doing in service delivery to the people of the state.

For the Permanent Secretary, Mr Emmanuel Audu reassured the commissioner of full support by staff of the Ministry to the success of her policy and Program.

The Retreat holding at the Orchid Hotels in Lekki area of the state also provided opportunity for the Management staff of the Lagos Ministry of Agriculture of team bonding on working together and not in isolation in order to fast track delivery of laudable programmes to the residents.

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