Ansar-Ud-Deen Society Urges Immediate Action Amid Escalating Insecurity Crisis in Nigeria


The Ansar-Ud-Deen Society is seriously is concerned about the security situation in Nigeria, in view of the escalating insecurity plaguing the nation. Recent incidents, including but not limited to the tragic killings of the Onimojo of Imojo-Ekiti, Oba Olatunde Samuel Olusola, and the Elesun of Esun-Ekiti, Oba David Babatunde Ogunsola, in the Oke-Ako Community, Ikole Local Government Area, as well as the abduction of six Primary School pupils in Eporo-Ekiti Road, Ekiti State, underscore the dire necessity for more proactive measures.

Over the past three months, the surge in country-side security challenges has become alarming, with devastating events on the psyche of Nigerians. Cases abound of such wanton killings and loss of lives, including security personnel, and property destruction in Agatu and Logo Local Government Areas of Benue State.

Instances of security breaches, such as kidnappings in the Federal Capital Territory and other regions, where substantial ransoms were paid albeit with death of some victims, highlight a near breakdown in the security apparatus. The bomb explosion at Bodija in Ibadan, Oyo State, causing loss of lives and extensive damage to residential houses, schools, commercial buildings, and religious centres as well as the killings in Mangu, Bokkos, and Barkin Ladi Communities in Plateau State, further emphasize the urgency of addressing the security situations.

This grim reality indicates the need for the Service Chiefs to be more strategic and proactive as various operations by the Nigerian Army, Airforce, Navy and the Police seem still unable to contain these escalating insecurity scenarios. The commend our Armed Forces personnel for their efforts but we believe they still have to do more to win this war.

In this regard, we strongly solicit that the intelligence gathering methodologies presently being deployed should be overhauled to meet the present challenges. We also advocate the Armed Force Community Relationship should be given special attention to engender confidence in our Armed Forces by the different communities.

We also implore the National Assemblly to improve significantly on their oversight functions on the Armed Forces (Ministries of Defence and Police Affairs) to ensure that the huge amount being allocated for security purposes are being properly and honestly utilized and we believe the general welfare of the fighting forces must be given special attention to improve their morale.

The Ansar-Ud-Deen Society extends her heartfelt condolences to the families affected by these acts of violence, praying for strength in their time of loss. We urgently implore the Federal Government to continue to enhance her security mechanisms to prevent further deterioration of the nation’s security situation and protect its citizens.

We earnestly appeal to the Federal Government to
address the remote and immediate causes of insurgency, kidnapping, banditry and other vices comprehensively and thereby improving the economic well-being of the entire populace. Additionally, we call on the Federal Government to take decisive actions against individuals, corporate organizations, religious bodies and all members of the public involved in financing and supporting acts of kidnapping, wanton killing, banditry, and
sundry vices.

Finally, we appeal to the President to take appropriate actions to remove hunger in the land in view of the scarcity and escalating prices of foodstuffs which is making life unbearable for an average Nigerian. We note with satisfaction the release of grains from the National Reserve by our President but we believe more needs to be done and urgently too to ensure food security in the country.

The Ministry of Agriculture should be strengthened and our youths should be encouraged and supported to go into mechanized farming in order to reduce unemployment and improve significantly the production of farm products for local consumption and export.

We pray fervently to Almighty Allah to assist our President and his team in resolving the challenges facing the country at present.

Aare (Dr.) Abdul-Rafiu Ade Sanni,
The Ansar-Ud-Deen Siciety

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