Sue Lagos State Anthony Kila urges Lagosians

A Professor of Strategy and Development and Director at the Commonwealth Institute of Advanced and Professional Studies Prof Anthony Kila has urged Lagosians to go to court to get an injunction and to sue the Lagos State Government over the ban on Styrofoam and single-use plastics.

The renowned political economist and popular public affair analyst who made the call during a live TV programme, anchored by Rueben Abati, explained and confirmed his position in a statement to us on Sunday night.

“While the need to save the environment is a noble and a welcomed initiative, we must also save people’s livelihood and dignity” declared Kila.

The way this ban has been introduced does not show respect for the constitutionally guaranteed right of citizens nor does it appear to take cognisance of the economic situation in the country according to the don.

Kila argues that rather than this rushed process, the Government ought to prepare traders, manufactures and users of Styrofoam and single-use plastics for a gradual change by helping them ease into usage of alternative products.

The don urged affected traders, manufactures and users of the banned items not to take it lying low but to approach the court to seek an injunction and to sue the government for adversely affecting their legitimate interests.

“This is a battle for fundamental human rights and in defence of our democratic process, I see a strong case for class action here and I know some competent lawyers that will be willing and are capable of taking up this kind of case” stated Prof Anthony Kila.

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