What Is FIRS’ New Policy Thrust?

By Michael Achedo

It is common knowledge that the only way out of the woods that the country has found itself is by increasing our revenues significantly. Until other sources tywe are consistently mouthing like the Agriculture and Mining sectors take off, things will remain motion without movement.

The most feasible revenue source and means, after oil, as at today is to galvanise the efficiency of our tax collection. The agency for doing this is the Federal Inland Revenue Service, FIRS, that celebrated garnering a whopping N10trillion revenue last year.

However, since the change of baton at its helms of affairs leading to the appointment of Zaccheaus Adedeji, no noticeable policy direction has taken place. This is despite the fact that his appointment was received with so much enthusiasm and high hopes being a core professional that is expected to perform magic as he seemingly came prepared from his position as a Special Adviser to the President on Revenue.

Nonetheless, since his assumption on September 2023, apart from the introductory meeting where nothing tangible was said, there has not been any policy direction of his administration. FIRS is still on its old auto pilot.

From the information gathered by this writer, Mr Zaccheaus has not spent one full week on his seat. He is permanently on the move out of the country. And this writer is forced to ask whether he is also involved in looking for investors like Mr President?

Yes, Mr President has set up a committee to review the tax system in the Country and Mr. Zaccheaus is in the committee, but does it mean he has no idea or will not do anything until the committee work is concluded in about a year?

One sad thing also is that he knew he was coming to that post. How then is he looking so confused and unprepared? It is the consensus within and outside FIRS that he needs to sit down and map out his own proper policy direction.

Conclusively, he needs to firm up in his relatively new position because such post is too important and strategic for the survival of this country at especially this point in history.

•Achedo, a chartered accountant, lives in Kaduna state.

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