Husband escapes abroad after assassination attempt by wife’s ex-lover failed in Lagos

A Nigerian, Sanusi Olabode Quam has escaped to the United States of America (USA) after he survived attempted elimination attack by his wife’s ex-lover.

Authoritative source revealed that Sanusi had earlier received a phone threat from his wife’s ex-lover to release the woman and the only female child from their courtship ten years ago.

It was gathered that Sanusi who was residing at Kano street, Ebute-Metta area took the conversation as ordinary threat and dismissed it, not until when some boys accosted him while returning home from work and beat him till he became unconscious.

“Sanusi claimed to have overheard them saying that if he comes back to the world, he will not take over another person’s wife again”, source revealed.

According to the source, the case was reported to the Police to arrest the suspected ex-lover but due to his influence in the area, the suspect was released immediately when he denied knowledge of the attack.

The source disclosed that a good Samaritan who overheard the suspect instructing another deadly hired killers to finish the job without any traces, came to alert him and advised that he should vacate the house and go underground.

A close relative of Sanusi had earlier revealed that he was threatened by the former hubby of his wife for marrying her and keeping the 10-year old daughter of the first marriage.

It was reliably gathered that the ex-husband had denied the ownership of the wife’s pregnancy 10 years ago, while the woman refused to abort it and later gave birth to a baby girl.

After two years of suffering, she met Sanusi who pledged to marry her and take care of the child.

Source hinted that Sanusi and his wife later have three kids from their relationship and things was going on well for them before the former husband emerged from the blues to claim both the wife and daughter.

Efforts were made by people to persuade him to let peace reign and forget the past but the man was adamant, insisting that it’s death that can settle the matter.

He added, “seeing this, he just packed all his belongings and disappeared into thin air. But from another information we got, Sanusi has traveled out of the country

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