Feigning concern for Nigerian workers, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in a statement of December 30, 2023, criticized the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led administration over “delayed” payment of December salaries to federal workers. The rather flimsy statement also attempted to portray the administration as undermining the economic wellbeing of Nigerians.

For the record, the December salaries of federal workers have been paid. But that is a fact that poses an insurmountable challenge for decrepit PDP to ascertain or verify. The Party would rather flaunt its folly, incompetence, envy and confusion in a statement that is disgracefully bereft of reason or cogency.

Indubitably, President Bola Tinubu’s administration has demonstrated far greater sensitivity and commitment to workers’ welfare in his few months in office than all of PDP’s 16 years of reckless and profligate rule. In the best interest of workers, the administration has continued to promote qualitative dialogue and engagement with organized labour in prevention and resolution of disputes.

The welfare of Nigerian workers is at the core of the conception and implementation of the administration’s Renewed Hope Agenda. The PDP’s reckless statement cannot possibly be referring to the same APC-led administration that approved the delisting of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) from the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) as a panacea to recurring ASUU strikes; instituted a program of access to student loan; granted N5 billion as palliative for 36 states of the federation; approved additional N35,000 wage bonus for workers as palliative for three months; the upward review of minium wage; payment of backlog for N-Power participants, and cash transfer of N25, 000 to vulnerable Nigerians for six months; grants for farmers and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and free train ride as well as 50 per cent discount in transportation fare for commuters during the yuletide. PDP’s accusations is nothing short of barefaced dishonesty and partisan pettiness.

It is hypocritical for the PDP that perverted the fuel subsidy regime, fed fat from the corruption of that system and displayed a gross lack of political will to end that economic hemorrhage to be idly pontificating about savings made from ending that system against their irresponsible objections. The money saved belongs to Nigerians and it is being prudently utilised on their behalf.

The PDP is crying wolf and peddling misinformation even when the organized labour, the defenders of workers’ rights, has maintained mature understanding and disposition. The statement cuts a pitiful profile of a party with a sordid history and a murky future.

Nigerians are in the clear that President Tinubu’s reforms are designed to reposition and restore the nation to greatness and sustainable prosperity.

Felix Morka, Esq.
National Publicity Secretary
All Progressives Congress (APC)

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