Patriotism Awareness Forum (PAF) Applauds Supreme Court Judgement as Victory for Democracy

The Patriotism Awareness Forum (PAF) has commended the Supreme Court for it’s historic and erudite judgement of 26th October 2023, which upheld the judgement of the Presidential Election Petition Tribunal judgement of September 6, 2023 in affirming the integrity and credibility of the 2023 presidential election and the declaration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the duly elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

In a statement issued in Lagos and e-signed by the Convener Nelson Ekujumi and Co-Convener Peter Claver Oparah, the group described the Supreme Court judgement as a “Victory for democracy as encapsulated in the affirmation of the will of the Nigerian people as expressed at the polls”.

PAF congratulated President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the entire Nigerian people for this victory of democracy which is now uncontestable and urge Mr. President to redouble his efforts and vision to engineer and manifest a future of Renewed Hope for the collective good of Nigerians.

“We commended the revered Justices of the Supreme Court for delivering justice to the Nigerian people and her democracy with a sound and unassailable judgement based on the instrumentality of the law which they swore to uphold at all times. This judgment upheld the equally unimpeachable judgment of the Presidential Election Petition Court that earlier unanimously dismissed the vacuous petitions of the appellants on all grounds and affirmed the election of President Tinubu.

“PAF sees the unanimous judgments of both the PEPC and the Supreme Court as indelible proof of the fairness and freeness of the election of President Tinubu and INEC’s spectacular conduct of the election”.

The group commended INEC for it’s credible, fair, free, transparent and substantial compliance conduct of the 2023 presidential election in line with the provisions of the law which has been affirmed by the courts again, despite the campaign of blackmail, mudslinging, threats, lies, falsehood and misinformation from expected quarters. PAF urged INEC to remain undaunted, determined and focused on its core mandate as Nigerians get set for the off season gubernatorial elections in Kogi, Bayelsa and Imo States on 11th November 2023 and wished it a successful and credible elections.

“We congratulate Nigerians for this victory for democracy, which is a testament to the sacrifice, tenacity and resolve of the Nigerian people to keep an abiding and unshakeable faith with democracy despite all the threats, intimidation and assaults on democratic tenets by anti democratic elements as never witnessed in our democracy until of recent”.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Nelson Ekujumi,

Peter Claver Oparah,

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