It’s A Lie; Lagos FA Boss Fouad Oki Is Not Suspended; Vice Chairman Gafaar Liameed Lone Ranger Fighting For Selfish Reason

Contrary to reports being circulated in the social media, the Chairman of the Lagos State Football Association, Ogboni Fouad Oki has not been suspended by the board, reports

Rather, this medium learnt that it was the Vice Chairman, Gafaar Liameed, who has embarked on lone selfish agenda to disrupt the programmes of the FA. learnt exclusive that what happened on Tuesday, 17 October, 2023 was an exclusive hatchet plan by Liameed to paint Oki in bad light.

“It’s true that a board meeting was held at the FA secretariat in Surulere, but there was no decision taken to suspend Fouad Oki,” one of the board members told

According to report, indeed Liameed moved a motion for the suspension of the Chairman, but all the seven members declined to second the motion because they see no reason for the action.

“He has his plan well laid out. He had the media sympathetic to him, on ground and went straight for a pre-planned press conference after his mission failed during the board meeting,” an observer at the meeting told our correspondent.

Another board member said, “he’s just being mischievous. He should be the one that should face disciplinary action. Using his position as Vice Chairman to go into agreement with tournament organisers without informing the board or the Chairman”.

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