Muslims holds peaceful procession in Lagos as Muslim Awareness International calls for ceasefire in the onslaught between Israel and Hamas

Following the escalation of crisis between Israel and Hamas, Muslims groups in Lagos have gathered to hold peaceful procession with a call for immediate ceasefire in the crisis.

The group also prayed for lasting peace to return to the Middle East region.

The Director of Muslim Awareness International, Abdulwaheed Atoyebi called on the international community to wade in and return to the old agreements by the United Nations on the matter.

While addressing the gathering at the headquarters of The Muslim Congress at Ijesha, Atoyebi said it was sad that the United Nations Resolution of 1947 that granted two independent states of Israel and Platestine have not prevailed.

He noted that the illegal occupation of the Gaza strip and recurring intimidation of the Palestines by Israeli forces over the years may have fuelled the Hamas to rise up to the occasion.

Abdulwaheed Atoyebi demanded that the Federal Government takes sincere steps to call for an end to the crisis.

According to him, the Muslim Groups stands in solidarity with the Palestine adding that the crisis was more of political with the. West openly supporting Israel.

On his part, Barrister Tajudeenn Balogun said it was sad that 225 Resolutions passed on the crisis but not implemented.

According to him, there was no single resolution when the US singlehandedly invade Iraq under the guise of developing weapons of mass destruction that was never found.

Barr Balogun insists that what has been happening in the Gaza strip over seventy five years ago was purely violation of human rights.

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