Impeached chairman of Ijebu East Local Govt, Wale Adedayo raises alarm over threats to his life

The impeached Chairman of Ijebu East Local Government Area of Ogun State, Mr Wale Adedayo has raised an alarm over threats to his life and property.

You will recall that Mr Adedayo who was initially suspended from office was later impeached on Friday by 5 out of 12 councillors in the Local Government.

While speaking on a monitored programme in Lagos, Mr Adedayo insists that the action carried out by the councillors was in violation of the law since there was a court order barring them from doing so.

The embattled council boss disclosed that he will be in court on Friday to challenge his purported removal from office.

Mr Wale Adedayo noted that he had observed three security vehicles lourking around his house adding that he had no official security but enjoyed full backing of the people of the council.

According to him and I quote”” I have been observing three security vehicles patrolling my house and I am aware of their motive. I always leave my gate open because the community where I live in my local government will never allow anything untoward happen to me. They are the one who protect me voluntarily because I have served them well”. End of quote.

Mr Adedayo incured the wrath of Governor Abiodun when he cried out over what he called Zero allocation to Local Governments since the current administration in the state.

On whether he received support from other council chairmen in the current battle, Adedayo noted that his ideology was not the same with others but assuring that he is prepared to ensure that the right thing is done.

However, the state government responded saying Governor Abiodun had always increased
allocations to the council accusing the Adedayo of being economical with the truth.

According to the state government, the Joint Account and Allocation Committee,JAAC in which the council funds were paid into was not the creation of the State Governor.

Mr Wale Adedayo has up till June 2024 to end his first tenure and hope to return for second term in the service of the people of Ijebu East Local Government.

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