Joint Muslim Forum demands immediate reversal of Sanwo-Olu cabinet nominees as Lagos Assembly Adhoc committee begins screening

The Joint Muslim Forum, has unanimously rejected he list of Cabinet Nominees sent by the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwoolu to the State House of Assembly for screening and approvals.

The group comprising of over thirty Muslim bodies in the country therefore demanded for a reversal of the list asking the Governor to allocate 60% to the Muslim Community in the new list to the Assembly.

The gathered that the reaction by the leaders of the Muslim Community is coming at a time the Ad hoc Committee set up by the Lagos House of Assembly begins screening of the cabinet nominees at the Assembly quarters

Imam Abdulrahman Ahmad who addressed Journalists on behalf of the group in Ikeja on the displeasure of the Muslims on the list said it was sad that less than 20% were Muslims despite the huge votes for the ruling party at the 2023 general elections.

He said the action of the Governor demonstrates pathological hatred for the Muslim Community and betrayal of trust repose in him.

According to him, the Muslim Community vehemently opposed to the list having worked so hard for the victory of the ruling party in line with the convictions that the Governor and Deputy were better experienced and more prepared for the job.

The Ismaic cleric insits that the Muslim Community didn’t collect money to support the ambition of Governor Sanwoolu to return to Ikeja House for the second term.

He said further and I quote ” We made it clear that the response by the Musliim is not to fight against the Christian counterpart but to demand for their rights. On the plans for 2027 elections, the spokesperson noted that they were not politicians to submit names adding what happens then could only be determined by God”. End of quote.

Imam Abdulrahman explained further that they reached out to the Governor for amenda but all emissaries to him was to no avail.

He want the Governor to learn from the action of the President in which a nominee was replaced with another sent to the Senate screening.

He harped on the need that governance is all about fairness and equity but wondering why Muslims must go capped in hands to the Governor for what supposed to be their rights.

Some of the leaders of the Muslim Community who attended the briefing include the Director, Muslim Rights Concern, Prof Ishaq Akintola, the Chief Imam of The Muslim Congress, Imam Zhikirulah Shaffi and the Deputy President, MUSWEN, Alhaji Rafiu Ebiti.

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