Chief Imam of The Muslim Congress, Imam Zhikirullahi Shaffi condemns in strong terms the recent open destruction of the Holy Quran in Sweden

…calls for boycott of products from the country

The Chief Imam of an Islamic group, The Muslim Congress, Imam Zhikirullah Shaffi has condemned in strong terms the recent open destruction of the Holy Quran in Sweden.

He said the act which was provocative was in violation of the rights to freedom of worship by Muslims around the world.

In his sermon at the Jumat prayers at the headquarters of the group on Oshodi Expressway, Imam Shaffi said the League of Imams all over the world agreed that sermon from today’s jumat service should be used to condemn the act.

Imam Shaffi said the Laeague of Imams around the world has not only demanded for a public apology but that Muslims in protest should boycott all products from Sweden.

According to him, one of the ways to protest the act was for the Ismaic countries to withdraw their Diplomats from Sweden and order those from the country to return back to their country.

He insists that Muslims must use all they have within the law to defend the religion from those who want to tarnish its image.

The TMC Imam urged Muslims to cultivate the habit of regular recitation of the Holy Quran towards a worthy life and peaceful coexistence.

According to Imam Shaffi, there is bountiful rewards for those who adhere to injunctions of Allah in the world and thereafter.

He also explained that all acts of Ibaadah in Islam including the just concluded Hajj exercise to Saudi Arabia attracts high reward from Allah.

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