Eid-el-Kabir Message of Nigeria’s First Lady, HE, Senator Oluremi Tinubu

I send my heartfelt greetings and felicitations to Muslims in Nigeria and around the world, particularly our youths and the women folks celebrating Eid el-Kabir and those performing Hajj this year.

This festival is a poignant reminder of the lessons exemplified in the life of Prophet Ibrahim and a pointer to how rewarding it is to put our total trust in God and follow His command.
As we share in the blessings of Eid, let us remember that it is not merely a celebration of sacrifice and total obedience to the will of Allah, but one full of meaningful teachings.

Therefore, let this celebratory occasion be a reminder that our dreams, aspirations, voices and actions are essential in our lives. We must embrace the values of love, empathy, compassion and empowerment of others as we celebrate with families and communities. I urge all of us to reaffirm our commitment to extending hands of friendship, and supporting one another. Reach out to your neighbors, friends and loved ones, and spread the message of love, understanding, peace and unity.

Together, we can face any challenge and overcome any obstacle that may come our way.

As wife of the President of our nation and a mother, I pledge to redouble my efforts in advocating for the rights of our hardworking women and young people, amplifying their voices, and creating opportunities for their growth and empowerment.

On this joyous occasion of Eid, I urge you to celebrate with joy, love, and a renewed sense of faith in a better tomorrow. Embrace the values of living in harmony and togetherness, for these virtues will guide us towards a glorious and more prosperous future.

May this Eid el-Kabir bring you peace, happiness, and renewed hope. I wish everyone a joyful and blessed Eid celebration.

Eid Mubarak!

Senator Oluremi Tinubu OON, CON.
First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria

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