FoodClique Support Initiative remenbers Late Founder/CEO, Bolajoko Fadipe

A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) FoodClique Support Initiative which aim is to end hunger by providing various interventions such as free school meals, community kitchens, family meals, senior meals, kids feeding programs, and others to help the less privileged in its bid to remember the late CEO/Founder, Mr Bolajoko Fadipe, distributed 1000 cooked meals and 200 boxes containing non-perishable food items to the vulnerable in Ebute-Metta.

The event was attended by many beneficiaries and volunteers to remember Bolajoko Fadipe as a philanthropist and community organiser.

At the event to commemorate late Bolajoko, the need to continue to remember his legacy and his strive to end hunger was also emphasised.

Speaking on the occasion, Ibrahim Onilegbale said the layers of personality that are embedded in Bolajoko were outstanding. He further stated and I quote” Bolajoko was a loving father and a caring husband. Someone that sees the problem of others as his and it was what informed the establishment of the FoodClique Support Initiative”. End of quote

He stressed that Bolajoko’s worldview of hunger and ways to resolve it is pertinent and the legacy must be preserved.

In the same vein, the media director of the Organisation Faruk Adetola said the good work he had done has inspired many adding they are committed to it so they can truly eradicate hunger.

Faruk concluded by saying If he was here, he will be at the forefront of sharing these meals and providing direction to how more people will receive these meals and food boxes. We continue to live by the standard he has set by being our neighbour’s helper.

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