Championing the People’s Voice: Obasa’s Dedication to Grassroots Representation

By Dave Agboola

Have you ever wondered why Rt Hon Dr Mudashiru Obasa is well loved by people, especially those from his constituency? Well, don’t wonder further! It has been discovered that he is a grassroots politician!

In the realm of politics, few things are as crucial as providing a platform for the voices of ordinary citizens to be heard. The essence of democracy lies in the ability of elected representatives to champion the interests and concerns of their constituents. In this regard, one name that stands out in Lagos of today is Rt Hon (Dr) Obasa, Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

Over the years, Dr Obasa has dedicated his political career to grassroots representation, earning him widespread admiration and respect. He has proved to be a legislator who is responsive to the needs and demands of the people, making him a true champion of the people’s voice. No wonder he has been re-elected five times by his constituents, which shows the trust and confidence they have in him.

Obasa, known for his unwavering commitment to championing the people’s voice, has displayed an exceptional level of dedication and sincerity throughout his tenure. From the outset, he recognized the importance of establishing direct links with the community, ensuring that their concerns and aspirations were brought to the forefront of political discourse. This was what birthed his annual stakeholders townhall meeting where all the 40 honourable members of the Assembly can feel the pulse of their constituents simultaneously. This 1-day event has been yielding positive results since Dr Obasa initiated it.

Just as the townhall meeting shows, one hallmark of Obasa’s approach to grassroots representation is his open-door policy. He has made it a priority to be accessible to the people he represents, understanding that to truly champion their voice, it is necessary to actively listen, engage, and build genuine connections. Whether through town hall meetings, regular community visits, or fostering open dialogue through digital platforms, Obasa has consistently sought out opportunities to interact with the people he serves.

A key aspect of Obasa’s commitment to grassroots representation is his unwavering dedication to addressing the actual needs and concerns of the community. Understanding that every population has unique challenges, he has consistently advocated for targeted policies that address these specific issues. By working closely with stakeholders, community leaders, and experts, he has been able to develop and implement initiatives that have a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of his constituents.

It is worth noting that the free JAMB and GCE forms distributed by Obasa early in the year to the indigents of his constituency marked the 20 solid years this education loving legislator has been supporting financially challenged students in his community.
Today, thousands of youths are enjoying his scholarship program across the institutions within the country. I must add too that his Trader’s Grant has not stopped bringing smiles to the faces of market women and men at the grassroots level. His empowerment programs are the talk of his constituents any time you visit them.

Moreover, Obasa’s dedication to grassroots representation extends beyond merely listening and initiating policies. He has demonstrated a strong ability to effectively communicate the concerns of his constituents to the broader political arena. Through his impassioned speeches, well-researched arguments, and strategic alliances with like-minded individuals, he has been able to effectively elevate the people’s voice, ensuring that it is not only heard but also taken seriously at all levels of government.

Another way Obasa has demonstrated his dedication to grassroots representation is through various bills and motions he initiated and supported that aim to improve the welfare and development of the people of Lagos State, especially the poor and vulnerable. Some of these which have become laws include the Lagos State Neighborhood Safety Corps Law, the Lagos State Cancer Research Institute Law, the Lagos State Transport Sector Reform Law, the Lagos State Electric Power Sector Reform Law, and the Lagos State Health Scheme Law among others.

Obasa’s tireless efforts in grassroots representation have not gone unnoticed. He has earned the trust and respect of the people he represents, who view him as a true advocate for their interests. His genuine commitment to their well-being and his ability to effect tangible change have solidified his position as a champion of the people’s voice. So, you know now why his people are always willing to return him to power, even if he says otherwise!

The importance of grassroots representation in democracy cannot be overstated, and Obasa’s dedication to this cause is commendable. He is a leader who has shown commitment, competence, and compassion in his service to the people. He is a champion of the people’s voice, who has made a positive impact on the lives of his constituents and the state at large. He is a role model and an inspiration for other legislators and aspiring leaders, who wish to make a difference in their communities and society.

•Dave Agboola is the Special Adviser (Planning and Research) to the Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly.

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