Uproar as APC State Party Chairman Ojelabi Allegedly Suspends Thousands of Members Over Call for Fairness

In an unprecedented move, Hon. Cornelius Ojelabi, the Lagos State Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has allegedly suspended thousands of party members in Alimosho Federal Constituency following their recent call for fairness, equity, and inclusiveness within the party.

The clandestine mass suspension which was executed on Saturday afternoon, came in response to a peaceful protest organized by The Mandate Movement (TMM) at the state party secretariat on Acme Road, Ikeja, Lagos.

The ugly development has ignited widespread outrage and raised serious questions about the leadership and direction of the APC in Lagos.

TMM argues that Ojelabi’s actions are a desperate attempt to stifle dissent and maintain control amid growing discontent and declining party membership.

It was further gathered that the ludicrous suspension notices were delivered to TMM members via WhatsApp, citing accusations of gross misconduct and anti-party activities.

However, members interpret the move as a clear indication of Ojelabi’s fear of TMM’s rising influence and their bid to suppress voices calling for democratic reforms within the party in Alimosho Federal Constituency.

The ugly development underscores the internal crises plaguing the APC in Lagos, as party members and observers alike question the competence and motives of the current state leadership.

The Mandate Movement’s leadership has assured its members that they are managing the situation and emphasized the legitimacy and importance of their demands for a more just and inclusive party.

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