Lagos APC Debunks Alleged Suspension of Thousands of Members in Alimosho

Hon. Seye Oladejo, the spokesperson for the Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has categorically denied recent rumors regarding the suspension of thousands of party members in Alimosho Local Government by the state chairman.

In a statement released on July 7, 2024, Hon. Oladejo addressed the circulating fake news, affirming that there is no truth to the allegations. “The Lagos State Chairman of APC, Hon. Cornelius Ojelabi, remains committed to the unity of the party and the peaceful coexistence of all its members,” he stated.

Oladejo emphasized that the APC, like any political party comprising individuals with diverse aspirations, experiences its fair share of internal disputes and suspicions. However, these issues are always resolved within the framework of the party’s constitutional provisions. He praised Chairman Ojelabi as an experienced figure in party politics and governance, highlighting his readiness to accommodate all opinions while respecting members’ rights.

Chairman Ojelabi advocates that the interests of individual caucuses should never overshadow the party’s unity. He underscores the importance of cohesion among members and ensuring that elected and appointed officials are held accountable for their service delivery.

Oladejo also clarified that there is no provision in the APC’s constitution allowing the chairman to unilaterally suspend a member. He urged the public to disregard statements intended to fabricate conflict and spread deliberate falsehoods for self-serving purposes.

The declaration reaffirms the Lagos APC’s commitment to maintaining harmony within the party and upholding its democratic values, ensuring that any internal issues are addressed through proper channels and with respect for all members’ rights.

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