Lagos NUJ Holds Maiden Ramadan Lecture as Scholars Demand Sanctions for LGBTQ Promoters, Oppose Spreading of Evil against the Country

The National Missioner of the Ansarudeen Society of Nigeria, Sheikh Abdulrahman Ahmad, has called for strict adherence to and implementation of laws against homosexuality and other forms of immorality in the country.

He mentioned that various homes in the country are now under siege, suggesting that the future of humanity is threatened by those promoting LGBTQ.

Sheikh Abdulrahman Ahmad made these remarks at the maiden Ramadan Lecture organized by the Lagos chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists at the Combo Hall, LTV Agidingbi, with the theme “Islam and Sanctity of Life.”

He described LGBTQ, promoted by the US, as a virus ravaging homes, offices, and societies worldwide, emphasizing the need for parents to prioritize monitoring the behavior of their children.

The Islamic cleric, speaking on protecting the sanctity of the Ummah, noted that LGBTQ has become an assault on collective integrity, stating that the issue is not limited to Nigeria but is a global problem.

He urged the media to intensify enlightenment efforts against it, adding that LGBTQ is an agenda to discourage normal sexual intercourse in order to reduce global population.

Imam Abdulrahman Ahmad lamented the promotion of this idea in primary and secondary schools, as well as in cartoons watched at home by children.

He insisted that since Islam opposes profiteering, monopoly, and oligopolistic tendencies, adherents of the religion must legally oppose the spread of immorality promoted by the US.

Speaking on mitigating marital discord caused by economic crisis, Dr. Aminat Ige-Ariyibi suggested that understanding each other would reduce tension in homes.

She recommended that women continue to welcome their husbands with love and affection upon their return from work or other endeavors to maintain peaceful coexistence in homes during this challenging period.

The lecturer in the Department of Mathematics at LASU clarified that the availability of money does not prevent marital discord in homes.

Dr. Aminat Ige-Ariyibi referred to Quranic verses where Allah enjoins Muslims to share love and kindness among one another.

As a solution to economic hardship, the lecturer advised women to embrace savings during times of plenty to plan ahead and avoid distress during crises.

She also cautioned Nigerians against cursing the country during difficult times, reminding the audience of Allah’s promise of relief after hardship.

On his part, the former Vice Chancellor of LASU, Prof Abdulhakeem Olanrewaju Fagbohun, said some people are hellbent on destroying the country for selfish reasons.

He noted that the economic turbulence is global and not peculiar to Nigeria.

Prof Fagbohun, who was the Chairman of the event, explained that reviewing the nation’s constitution will not solve our problems unless we change our mindset.

He believed that the nation will improve if the Media and the Judiciary stand firm, regretting the bias in the implementation of laws in the country.

According to him, no one outside the country loves Nigeria as we do and will develop it for us.

He cited Japan, which for the first time in 17 years, increased interest rates to strengthen the Yen, resulting in the currency losing value, and added that universities in the UK are retrenching due to the global recession.

Prof Fagbohun urged Nigerians to contribute their quota to the good of the country, similar to the Market Women leader in Ekiti, who went around markets to control the prices of foodstuffs.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Lagos chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Mr Adeleye Ajayi, said the Ramadan Lecture was to identify with Muslim colleagues and the faithful during the holy month.

He urged people to demonstrate the essence of the Ramadan fast, which includes showing mercy to the poor during these trying times.

The NUJ Chairman called for prayer support for the President, Lagos State Governor, and other political functionaries to deliver programs that will impact the lives of the people.

Mr Leye Ajayi also called for peaceful coexistence among Nigerians, irrespective of religion or ethnic bias, stressing that the nation needs everyone to develop.

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