NASFAT commemorates 29 years of peace, spiritual guidance and purposeful leadership

With 28 Primary Schools, 8 Secondary Schools, 5 Hospitals/Clinics, 1 Internationally acclaimed and dynamic University and 9 other thriving agencies: TAFSAN Tours and Travels Ltd; TAFSAN Investments Ltd; NASFAT Agency for Zakat and Sadaqah (NAZAS), NASFAT Legal Aids Council (NASLAC), NASFAT Radio (KIIN Media), NASFAT Relief Initiative (NIR), NASFAT Health Services Initiative (NASHIN), Havek Leadership Academy and NASFAT Missionary Institute (NMI),

One of the fastest growing Islamic organizations in the world is set to roll out spiritual drums in celebration of its 29 years of existence.
NASFAT was formed by Allah’s grace on 5th March, 1995 in the living room of one of the founding members, who is now the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Society, Dr. AbdulLateef Wale Olasupo.

According to the Chief Missioner of the Society, Imam Abdul-Azeez Onike, one of the hallmarks of a good muslim is to be appreciative of Allah’s (SWT) favours on him, corroborating his assertion with the saying of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Sayyidina Ali (RA): The Messenger of Allah(SAW) said: ‘Indeed, Allah loves to see the results of His favours upon His slaves.’”
Sayidina Alli (RA) “Reflecting Allah’s blessings in one’s lifestyle is an expression of gratitude. Open display of poverty brings more poverty”.

The Almighty Allah (SWT) Himself says, “And proclaim the bounty of your Lord”.

Consequently, a series of programmes have been lined up in all NASFAT locations across the globe to commemorate the 29th anniversary celebration of the Society. Such programmes include, inter alia:
Conclusion of the 9-week prayers and recitation of khutbah with the Chief Imam of Lagos, Sheikh Sulaiman Abou-Nallah as the guest spiritual father.
Prayers for all NASFAT children born from May 1995.
Remembrance prayers for all the late NASFAT members.

All NASFAT branches and groups have been advised to host the Chief Imam of their local area to strengthen brotherhood.

The theme of the 29th anniversary is: NASFAT: Promoting Peace, Spiritual Guidance and Purposeful Leadership, with the sub-theme: Broken, Living with a Sound Heart in Troubled Times

All branches and groups in Lagos and Ogun Zones are to delegate a minimum of 5 members to the anniversary celebration at the Headquarters. Other Zones are to replicate this programme simultaneously in their various locations.

“There would also be special prayers for the Nation in view of the prevailing myriad of challenges” said Onike.


Story by Fausiat Salako-Sanni

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