The Intricate Web of Enilolobo’s Political Maneuvers in Alimosho

The recent viral video, exposing how leaders perpetuate the impoverishment of their followers, has brought to light the current situation in Alimosho. Alhaji Abdullahi Ayinde Enilolobo, fearing a loss of relevance and eager to maintain his following, has resorted to various attention-seeking tactics and deception to convince his followers of his enduring influence.

Prior to the recent inauguration of The Mandate Movement at GRA, Enilolobo attempted to secure inclusion by reaching out to various state leaders. He made early morning visits to their homes, portraying himself as devout, although it is doubtful that he informed his followers of his efforts to appease those leaders he had previously accused of undermining his authority in Alimosho. This charade was halted when his boss and godfather, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, instructed him to cease lobbying and await further instructions, sparking speculation about their next moves, including the possibility of defection from the All Progressives Congress or a different strategy to undermine the party from within.

Realizing he was unlikely to be included in the revamped Mandate structure, Enilolobo hastily organized a dubious inauguration, masquerading it as a prayer session for the nation and the President under the name of The Mandate Movement. He even extended invitations to other politicians whose tenure had expired, attempting to lend legitimacy to his futile endeavor. Despite labeling it as a prayer session, attendees were surprised to witness Enilolobo being appointed as the new Mandate chairman, turning the event into an endorsement ceremony. This strategic move aimed to divert attention from the official inauguration of The Mandate Movement at GRA Ikeja, attended by prominent party members and government officials, while fostering a false sense of belonging among his followers.

Having retained some of his followers through deceit, Enilolobo instructed council chairmen to organize a monthly empowerment program, ostensibly to retain and attract party members while concealing their extensive embezzlement across the six Local Government and Local Council Development Areas. The scheme aims to mask their corruption as they prepare to exit the political stage.

The Yoruba adage, “olèé gbée, olèé gbàá,” aptly describes the dubious dealings between Enilolobo and his accomplices, highlighting the irony of thieves stealing from each other at the expense of the masses. Enilolobo directed his treasury guards to use council funds to empower members of his BATCO Mandate caucus with a monthly stipend, yet the council chairmen chose to embezzle the funds, reducing the amount allocated and the number of recipients.

The intricate dance of political maneuvering orchestrated by Alhaji Abdullahi Ayinde Enilolobo in Alimosho exemplifies the lengths to which some leaders will go to maintain power and cover up corruption. As the narrative unfolds, questions arise about the potential accountability these council chairmen may face for their financial misdeeds after leaving office.


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