Lagos Govt seek strong Media support in educating the public on dangers inherent in violence, abuse against women

The Lagos State Government is seeking strong support and collaboration from the Media in educating the public on the dangers inherent in violence and abuse against women in the state.

It also want residents to raise alarm and pass information to relevant authorities whenever there is any form of violation against young girls and women in the metropolis.

The Coodinator, Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency, Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi stated these at a one-day workshop organised for Media Practitioners on investigating and reporting sexual and gender based violence crimes held at the LCCI Alausa, Ikeja.

She said the Mrdia posses the power and tool to recreate the society in a way they want it to be, safe and conducive for everyone.

According to her, the failure of the Media to expose perpetrators of violent crimes against women will have a negative impacts on the society.

She was of the strong belief that message from the Media has potential to change the mind set in the society noting they must accord attention on sanctions that awaits perpetrators.

Adeniyi-Vivour said that it is time the norms in our society changes towards mutual respect for each other while calling on parents to devote more time to proper upbringing of their wards.

She described the home as the bedrock of the society where children must first learn morals on how to behave well in the public.

The issue with parenting is a serious one that we must return to in order to curb social vices and menace Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi stated.

She also corrected the impression that only women and girls are abused adding they constitutes higher percentage while men as well as young boys suffers similar violation of their rights.

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