Budget of Renewed Hope, Better Days Ahead for Nigeria and Nigerians by Hon. Segun Olulade Eleniyan

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s presentation of the 2024 Appropriation Bill, themed ‘Budget of Renewed Hope’, has showcased his commitment to a stronger and more inclusive future for Nigeria. The N27.5 trillion budget proposal is aimed at completing critical infrastructure projects that will address structural problems in the economy and lower the costs of doing business for companies, as well as the cost of living for the average Nigerian.

One commendable aspect of President Tinubu’s budget proposal is the attention given to education and the future leaders of tomorrow – the children. The long-standing issues in the education sector have been acknowledged, and efforts are being made to address them. This shows a commitment to ensuring that the youth of Nigeria have access to quality education, which is essential for their personal growth and the development of the nation as a whole.

Furthermore, the implementation of a more sustainable model of funding tertiary education, including the Student Loan Scheme scheduled to become operational by January 2024, is a significant step towards making higher education more accessible and affordable for Nigerian students. This move will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the country’s human capital development, as it will enable more young people to pursue their educational aspirations and contribute to the nation’s progress.

President Tinubu’s focus on economic growth, security, and human capital development is also commendable. These are crucial areas that need attention in order to create a more prosperous and stable Nigeria. By prioritizing local job creation, macro-economic stability, investment environment optimization, human capital development, poverty reduction, and social security, the president is demonstrating his commitment to improving the lives of Nigerians and ensuring a brighter future for all.

Overall, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s commitment to a stronger, more inclusive future for Nigeria is evident in his 2024 Appropriation Bill. The attention given to education and the children, the implementation of a more sustainable model of funding tertiary education, and the focus on economic growth, security, and human capital development are all commendable efforts.

These initiatives have the potential to bring about positive change and pave the way for a prosperous and thriving Nigeria.

Let’s continue to pray for Asiwaju and Nigeria. Better days ahead by the special grace of God.

Hon. Segun Olulade Eleniyan,

Former member, Lagos State House of Assembly.

Founder/ President Eleniyancares Foundation.


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