Foundation for Widows and Orphans support 26 beneficiaries with over N7.5m

Former Director, Voice of Nigeria, Alhaji Abdur Rasaq Abdul Salam has attributed the dearth of morals as one of the challenges hindering growth and development of the country.

He also enjoined the youths to shun all acts of indiscipline and provide adequate care for their parents especially their mothers.

The pioneer Ameer of The Muslim Congress stated these at the presentation of N7.5m financial support by Here and Hereafter Foundation to 26 beneficiaries including Widows and Orphans.

Narrating a story of a man who was dying but couldn’t pronounce the Khalimah until the Prophet called for his mother and discovered that the she was not pleased with him.

He said the Prophet then appealed to the mother to pardon him before he was able to pronounced the Khalimah.

Alhaji Abdul Salam who shared the story at the gathering to reiterates the importance of mothers however lamented that parents and guardians of present days have abandoned protection and necessary care of their wards in search for worthy things.

He warned that if parents failed to train their wards in the ways of the Lord, they will become tools to cause breakdown of law and order in the society.

According to him, the youths of the present day that were lured into Internet fraudsters don’t last with the ill gotten wealth since it was against the wish of God.

Abdul Rasaq Abdul Salam stressed the need for the Ummah to work together in assisting the less privileged and not those that will destroy the society.

He made refenece to former President, Muhammadu Buhari who was elected into office because he was incorruptible.

Also speaking at the event, Mr Rasaq Asaaju disclosed that the foundation came into existence almost 12 years and thanked donors home and abroad as well as the Board for their unrelenting support.
He assured the donors that their financial support would be deployed transparently and judiciously for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

Asaaju also charged the beneficiaries under the scholarship scheme to continue to aim higher in their academic in order to continue to enjoy support from the Foundation.

He prayed for the widows and orphans in attendance that Allah will continue to prosper all they invest their time and energy into.

Some of the beneficiaries icluding Khadijah Shuaib with three children expressed joy over the scholarship given to her children from primary to secondary education.

Another beneficiary, Dhikro Agunbiade who was supported with funds to start a business some years back noted that the venture is fast growing.

Naimot Afolabi disclosed that the foundation had been sponsoring three of her children to school since year 2020.

She disclosed that she approached the foundation after the demise of her husband eight years ago.

Naimot Afolabi prayed that Allah replenish the purse of the Foundation while calling on other wealthy Muslims to support those around the world that needs help.

Here and Hereafter Foundation was founded about 12 years ago by Muslim brothers with the aim of running genuine (Halal) Business to support widows and Orphans.

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