Lagos Set To Partner Netherlands Over Coastal Erosion

The Lagos State Government has applauded the readiness of the Kingdom of Netherlands to partner with the state in checking coastal erosion, rapidly ravaging coastal areas, through the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) investment model.

The Commissioner for Waterfront Infrastructure Development, Hon. Ekundayo Alebiosu, made this known while playing host to the trade delegation led by the Consular General of the Netherlands in Lagos, Nigeria, Michel Deleen. The trade delegation came to express their readiness to invest in Makoko, Okunde, Okun Ajah, and other Lagos coastal areas.

Alebiosu said coastal erosion is a serious issue that can lead to loss of land and property, as well as endangering lives. He also recognised that the kingdom of the Netherlands has been dealing with this issue for a long time, given that their land is below sea level.

He said, but the Dutch have embraced numerous modern techniques to keep water at bay against the sea. He is, however, optimistic that this investment would assist the government in checking the surging erosion in Okunde, Lekki, Okun Ajah and areas in the state from going to extinction.

Ekundayo Alebiosu, also assured the Dutch trade delegation that his team is working on a robust masterplan, which will be an improvement on the current Waterfront Masterplan. He said the masterplan would accommodate the concerns of all stakeholders and also help investors like Invest International know the areas they can key into, as regards the PPP partnership.

“Over the years, our coastal communities have been challenged and devastated by ocean surge, especially the Okunde and Okun Ajah area in Lekki, with several houses destroyed, and communities going to extinction. The depletion of these communities has also continued unabated due to ocean surge triggered by several activities along the coastline,” Alebiosu said.

Speaking earlier, the Consular General, Michel Deleen, said, they have come to see how they can partner with Lagos in checking coastal erosion, especially around Makoko and the Atlantic Ocean, he expressed his concerns about the sea surge that is affecting Lagos, which is also causing environmental crisis.

Deleen also inquired about the state policy on waterfront and coastal areas, to see how they can key into the plan, as well as partnering on the Great Wall of Lagos project. He, therefore, proposed a PPP model, with which Lagos and the Netherlands can work to check the erosion ravaging the coastal areas.

The envoy said it is great to see that Lagos is taking steps to address this issue, the consular said this partnership will lead to innovative solutions that can be applied in Lagos.

On the Dutch delegation were; Edwin van Veehuizen, the Strategy and Partnership Manager at Invest International, which is the platform that is pushing the investment, and Opeyemi Oriniowo, the Policy Adviser/Economic Affairs and Public Diplomacy at the Consular of the Kingdom of Netherlands. While Kehinde Gbajumo, the Permanent Secretary, and some key ministry officials attended on behalf of the state government.

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