Kunle Afolayan Breaks Tradition, Appears in ‘Okikiola The Fisherman’ + Appreciation Note To Him From Film Producer

Legendary actor and one of the best movie producers in Africa, Kunle Afolayan has surprised many by acting in Okikiola The Fisherman,  movie produced by Lovely Pink Media owned by celebrated journalist, Adeola Agoro and her partner, Titilope Ejimagwa.

For several years, Kunle Afolayan has been known to concentrate only on churning out great movies.

The producer of award winning movie, Anikulapo had over the years carved a name for himself with several other award winning movies like Phone Swap, Figurine, October 1 and many others.

It is a well known fact that he has got his hands filled with several movie projects that he hardly has time to appear in other people’s movie, except a few appearances in Tunde Kilani’s movies.

It is thus a thing of surprise that he has featured in Okikiola The Fisherman.

His appearance in the soon to be released movie has raised the bar for the producers of the movie as well as the Director, Segun Ogungbe and the crew.

In appreciating his rare magnanimous nature, Adeola Agoro has penned a message to him:

Dear Kunle Afolayan,

I can’t pretend not to know that you went out of your regular practices to appear in Okikiola The Fisherman.

When I spoke with you the first time about the movie, you were deeply engaged on the set of one of the legendary movies you’re known for. I remember you saying that you wouldn’t have time to work on other projects till the end of the year.

That was a very nice way of turning me down.

I must have known that you have so much on your plate to have time for other projects.

And the word out there is that you hardly appear in other projects apart from your own and Uncle Tunde Kelani’s.

That has stood you out as one who is not only always so busy, but one who stays with the best.

At Lovely Pink Media Ltd, we are babies, so we can’t even claim rights near the  best, yet you gave us this honour.

This singular act on your part has shown the leadership abilities in you. You’ve whispered and we’ve heard you clearly. You’re saying that with you. our young shall grow. You have carried us in your hands and we feel the nurturing.

Thank you so much.

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