SAIL Innovation Lab Holds Graduation Ceremony For Participants of STEM for Senior Secondary School Students Training (Cohort 2)

…Parents, Guardians Commend Senator Abiru’s Visionary Leadership

Inexplicable joy radiates on the faces of parents, guardians and students during the graduation ceremony for Teenagers who had successfully completed training in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics( STEM for SSS) Cohort 2 at the SAIL Innovation Lab.

Many parents who could not hide their excitement, showered gratitude on the co-founders of SAIL Innovation Lab, Distinguished Senator Mukhail Adetokunbo Abiru and his wife, Feyisola.

STEM education, which is a specialised training that is often beyond the means of many kids from average and low income homes, has been made possible by the visionary Senator Abiru and his wife and the Trustees of SAIL Empowerment Foundation.

In his remarks, Senator Abiru urged the graduating students to deepen their quest for knowledge by devoting time for studies and research, particularly in STEM education.

He said, “Today marks a significant milestone in the lives of these young  minds who have shown interest in the fields of science,  technology, engineering, and mathematics. It is a moment of  pride and joy as we reflect on the efforts, curiosity, and  unwavering commitment demonstrated by these students  throughout their journey.

“As we gather here on this auspicious occasion, let us recognize  the progress made by Cohort 2 since its inception in late 2022.  From the constituency office of the Lagos East senatorial district to this new ultra-modern facility, the transition may have  presented challenges and delays, but it is a testament to your  resilience and determination that we celebrate the graduation of  30 outstanding students today.

“Throughout their period of study, these students have not only learnt essential skills in academic and technical  knowledge. They have learned to think critically, embrace failure  as an opportunity for growth, and collaborate to solve problems  that they see in society.

“These are the skills that will enable  them to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the STEM fields  as they progress in their learning and make meaningful  contributions to society.

“In addition to their academic achievements, it is noteworthy that  the students have also delved into the exciting realms of physical  computing, robotics, and artificial intelligence. Today, we have  the privilege of witnessing some of their projects displayed  at this event. These projects showcased their creativity,  innovation, and the transformative power of STEM education.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce the expansion of the STEM program to public schools in Lagos East. Currently, eight  schools actively participate, with 160 pupils attending the  program daily for six weeks. This initiative, which brings together  20 students from each school on weekdays, demonstrates our  commitment to providing equal opportunities for all young minds  interested in science, technology, engineering, and  mathematics.

“Looking ahead, I am thrilled to inform you that the call for  applications for the next cohort of weekend students has been opened. Apply here :

This represents a fantastic opportunity for more aspiring  young individuals to embark on their own transformative journey through the STEM program at SAIL Innovation Lab.

“Before we conclude, I would like to extend my deepest  appreciation to the faculties and organisations that have been  instrumental in the success of the STEM program. I want to  express my sincere gratitude to STEMCafe and CCHub for their  unwavering dedication, support, and efforts in providing quality  education and resources to the students. Your commitment to  nurturing young talents in the fields of science and technology is  truly commendable.

“To the graduating students, as you move forward into the next  phase of your learning, remember that the pursuit of knowledge  and the quest for innovation are not solitary endeavours. They  require dedication, collaboration, diversity of thought, and a  shared vision for a better future.

“The challenges we face today,  such as climate change, food shortages, global health crises, and technological  inequality, are complex and multifaceted. It is only through  collective effort that we can overcome these challenges and  create a brighter tomorrow.

“You, as SAIL STEM graduates, have a unique opportunity to be  the catalysts of change, the pioneers of progress, and the champions of inclusivity. Embrace this opportunity with humility,  empathy, dedication, and integrity. Use your acquired skills to  bridge gaps, break down barriers, and create a world where  everyone can thrive. Be fearless in your pursuit to learn  innovation, but also compassionate in your understanding of the  impact your work has on society”.

Dignitaries present include: Dr. (Otunba) Saheed Oladapo Ibikunle, Special Adviser to the Senator on Constituency Matters, Mr Deji Abisola, Consultant to the Senator on SAIL Innovation Lab, Hon Abdulateef Rotimi Abiru and Prof Surajudeen O. Mudasiru, a professor of Political Science at the Lagos State University, LASU, Mr. Johnson Abbaly of SMARTEENs, Mr. Enitan Olukotun, Media Aide to the Senator, among many others.

Parents, Students Thanked Senator Abiru

Alhaji Saheed Adeoye, Mr. Efe Eruotor-Pat, Mrs Ogunbowale Christiana and Dr. Abiodun Fatai-Abatan were among the parents that commended Senator Abiru and his wife for setting up SAIL Innovation Lab.

Mr. Eruotor-Pat, who hailed from Delta but lives in Lagos East Senatorial District said that the programme cut across ethnic groups without any bias. He commended Senator Abiru for being a detribalized leader with a pan-Nigerian mindset.

SAIL Innovation Lab Story In Brief

SAIL Innovation Lab started operations in 2022 from the Constituency office of the Senator whilst the permanent ultra-modern facility was under construction. The permanent site located at 1, Muba Abiru Street, used to be the heritage home of the Abiru family before the family gladly made it available for the SAIL Innovation Lab project. The project has been handed over to independent Trustees of SAIL Empowerment Foundation.

Senator Abiru and his wife who are the co-founders of the project as part of their endowment to the people of the Lagos East Senatorial district, believed that young people must be provided with opportunity to learn tech, digital skills which have been the currency of the present fourth industrial revolution age. Africa’s renowned innovation and tech company, Cc-Hub is the technical partner that manages SAIL Innovation Hub 100% for the Trustees of SAIL Empowerment Foundation.

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