Ansarudeen Grammar School, Randle Sets To Inaugurate 22 Prefects As School Prinicipal Vows To Sustain Academic Standard

Ahead of the much anticipated inauguration of new set of Prefects in Ansarudeen Grammar School, Randle, Surulere this Wednesday May 10th, the Principal of the school, Mr Habeeb Badru has reiterated his commitment to sustain the academic standard the school is known for.

School Principal, Mr Habeeb Badru.

He also said that he will constantly monitor the activities of the new Prefects towards ensuring that it was not abused or make them to feel complacent.

While speaking in an interview, Mr Badru explained that the formal Inauguration to be witnessed by their parents was for them to feel the importance and also encourage other students to show interest in the school politics.

According to him, the rule of the school was strictly adhered to in the selection of the prefects which includes; suggestions from Students Representative Council, nomination of candidates for approval subject to high academic performance and good moral.

The Principal further said and I quote” The shortlisted names were displayed on the notice board for any objection before they were allowed to campaign

for election into various offices.” End of quote.

Speaking on some of the benefits of being a prefect in the school, Mr Habeeb Badru said that it makes them responsible and responsive while also allows them to ensure orderliness in the school.

Another benefit of being a Prefect in Ansarudeen Grammar School according to the Principal is that it also prepares them for the challenges they will meet in the larger society in the future.

He disclosed that the responsibility that comes with the position encourages some of them to consider political or public office in which they could easily make reference to the Prefectship some years to come.

Students of Ansarudeen Grammar school founded in 1958 had won laurels locally and internationally at different events including;

Below are the Names and positions of prefects to be inaugurated:

1.ABDUL HAKEEM MUSTAPHA (senior prefect/School Imam)

2 JIMOH IDRIS (Asst.senior prefect)


4.SULAIMON SHABI (Asst.Labour)

5.BUKHARI IBRAHIM (Asst.School Imam)

6.SERIKI HAMMED (Civility)

7.BAKARE MAQEED (Nutrition)



10.BELLO FATAI (Asst.Sport)



13.SANI MUBARAK (Assembly)

14.MARTINS FUHAD (Asst.Assembly)



17.ABDUL KAREEM UMAR (Integrity)

18.BELLO ABDULWALIYY (Maintenance)

19.MAHMUD NABEEL (Asst Maintenance)

20.YUSSUF MUBARAK (Dormitory)

21.HISSA MAKINDE (Asst.Dormitory)

22.AMOO ABDULHAMID (Punctuality)

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