The Presidential election of February 25th in Nigeria produced Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the clear winner. His acceptance was truly captured by the geographical spread of his votes. Historically, this must rank as the best election conducted in Nigeria since the inception of the Fourth Republic. A few points suffice.

The three major candidates won a number of states throughout the country. The President-Elect came second in his own state but did so well nationwide securing at least 25% votes in 29 states. A few prominent outgoing governors lost their senatorial bids in an election full of surprises. These elements are all signs that our democracy is maturing.

However, there were also a few challenges that are not uncommon with elections as we know them all over the democratic world. That is why the Judiciary is usually prepared and entrusted to adjudicate in election cases brought before it. The parties that felt aggrieved have approached the courts as they should. The cases would be heard in due course.

Those who have gone to court should embrace and maintain the peace so that the polity is not unduly polarized and heated up. Our duty is to always have implicit confidence in our judicial institution. We cannot pick and choose when to trust our courts. They are our last hope in all legal matters.

Finally, the beauty of democracy is that it gives a participatory voice to citizens in electing their leaders. It is pertinent to stress therefore that any attempt to disrupt or scuttle the voice and choice of the people will be antithetical to the tenets of democracy that we all cherish so much.

Omololu Nick Apata
Interim Chairman
APC Canada Chapter
+647 770 1591

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