Group to Lagosians: reject Rhodes-Vivour on Saturday

A socio-political organisation, Social Rehabilitation Group (SRG), has urged Lagosians to reject the Labour Party (LP) governorship candidate in Lagos State, Chinedu Rhodes-Vivour, at the polls.

The SRG leader, Oludare Marindotin, accused Vivour-Rhodes of hate speech by saying on a popular television programme that “I don’t think in Yoruba language.”

“In the first place, how can somebody, who wants to be governor in a Yoruba community, lack any understanding of Yoruba language and still be gallivanting about such deficiency?

“He trivialised Yoruba language, which is our heritage, calling it primordial sentiments and saying: ‘I don’t think in Yoruba language. I went to school in MIT, Nottingham, France’.

“He should stray to his highfalutin MIT, Nottingham and France to govern them. Canada is a multilingual country. The Premier of Quebec must speak French, so is the Premier of French-speaking parts of Belgium. You can’t be Prime Minister of England if you don’t speak English language or of India if you don’t speak Hindi language.”

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