Full Text Of Tinubu’s Speech At APC Grand Finale Rally In Lagos

Thank you, President Muhammadu Buhari. You set our foot on the path to the future. You worked and achieved progress.

You said it is desirable for Nigeria must be great.

You said for anyone to succeed you, he or she must follow the law and work hard.

You said the election must be transparent. Thank you, you followed the process.

The primary came, we waited anxiously and I won the poll. You didn’t ask them to cancel it based on my religion. You did not alter the result based on my tribe. You did not cancel the result because I was not in your village in Daura.

Then you congratulated me.

I came to you for you to nominate for me my running mate. You said, ‘No. You know better You know Nigerians. You encouraged me, and after that I announced to you having made my choice. I chose Kashim Shettima, one of the most competent, independent in thought, with great knowledge and dependability. He has shown perseverance and capacity in terms of performance. During the Boko Haram crisis, Kashim Shettima didn’t falter. He faced the challenge. He didn’t blink and didn’t flinch.  He worked hard. He worked his heart out. He protected both the Muslim faith and the Christian faith. He was determined to free the kidnapped girls. Kashim Shettima is a reliable, courageous and persevering man.

Today it is not a victory speech. We can have only one President at a time.

I can’t mention the level of confidence you have in me.

I thank you greatly. You returned yesterday. You said you will attend this rally. You never minced words, you never lost your promise.

Mr. President, I assure you, as you have worked hard for me, I will work hard for Nigeria.

All the ideals set in our agenda, the Renewed Hope manifesto, will be pursued vigorously.

Thank you.

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