NANS Threatens Nationwide Protests Over Naira Scarcity, Fuel Price Hike

The National Association of Nigerian Students on Tuesday issued threats of a nationwide protest should the government fail to resolve the crises bordering around the hike in fuel prices and scarcity of naira across the country.

In a statement signed by the National Secretary General, Usman Kankia, the national body of students noted that the two issues have resulted in significant financial difficulties and disrupted the daily lives of students.

The statement read, “The policy is negatively affecting students in areas of transportation, purchase of academic materials and the day-to-day activities of the students.

“We have it in good authoring that students are forced to sleep on an empty stomach for no fault of their own as they cannot cope with the long queue on the alter of their academic calling.”

The student body said it would mobilise students for a nationwide protest should the government fail to do the “needful”.

“The CBN’s new currency swap policy has caused widespread confusion and frustration, with students facing long lines at banks and difficulty in accessing their funds.

“The fuel scarcity crisis has further compounded these problems, leading to increased transportation costs and difficulties in accessing basic necessities,” the statement added.

NANS calls on the CBN and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Limited to resolve these issues within the shortest period of time or face the realities of mass protest from students”.

The PUNCH reports that protests have erupted across major cities across the country over scarcity of the naira and hike in fuel prices.

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